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Lime Court Sheltered Housing

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Lime Court Sheltered Housing


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Project Manager:

Alan Todd

Project Brief

Lime Court is a sheltered retirement housing development managed by Choice Housing. This development consists of 26 bungalows.

The existing communal plant room at Lime Court sheltered housing was inefficient causing maintenance issues for the end users. Fusion Heating was contacted to upgrade the boiler plant, pipework and mechanical controls.

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  • Lime Court Sheltered Housing Gallery Image
  • Lime Court Sheltered Housing Gallery Image
  • Lime Court Sheltered Housing Gallery Image
  • Lime Court Sheltered Housing Gallery Image
Materials Used

Centrotherm Concentric Flues
Dinak DWJ


Fusion Heating held a site meeting inviting specialist subcontractors to review the project, agreeing the current standards, timeline requirements and applicable legislation codes. At this site meeting, John J Doyle Ltd advised the existing flues were not suitable and would need to be renewed.

Fusion Heating contracted John J Doyle Ltd to develop and install the flue system for the new high efficiency condensing boilers.

John J Doyle Ltd first sized the new flue system using its specialist flue sizing programme to ensure the best possible performance while remaining fully compliant to all European and local standards including the Clean Air Act.

In accordance with the agreed schedule of works, the new boilers were installed while maintaining one existing boiler to ensure the supply of heat was constant.

A new Centrotherm flue was installed into each of the new boilers and then connected into a Centrotherm flue header system complete with end drains and siphons. The Centrotherm header system then runs with a 3-degree fall to avoid a build-up of condensation. The Centrotherm system is then connected into a Dinak DWJ main header and external chimney system.

The last remaining existing boiler and flue system was then removed, creating one external chimney system.

All chimney and flue products were supplied and installed CE Marked and compliant with European and regional standards.