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Holly Grove Student Accommodation

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Belfast &

Holly Grove, Queen’s University Belfast


Education; Residential Communal Living


Alexander Rankin & Sons


Condensing Boiler and Water Heater

Project Manager:

Kyle Moore

Project Brief

Holly Grove is a residential hall within Elm BT9 for Queen’s University students. Elms BT9 is a purpose-built village for students offering a range of modern, comfortable and secure accommodation.

John J Doyle Ltd was contracted by Alexander Rankin & Sons to design, supply and install flue systems for multiple condensing boilers and water-heaters within the Holly Grove accommodation.

  • Holly Grove Student Accommodation Gallery Image
  • Holly Grove Student Accommodation Gallery Image
Materials Used

100/150MG Concentric Flues


Before work commenced, meetings were scheduled with the consultants and project managers to design a system eliminating the need for planning permission whilst complying with the regulations stated in IGEM UP10. The best solutions was to install individual flues for each appliance, eliminating the requirement of a termination at high-level.

Over 4 days, systems for condensing boilers and water heaters were installed.

Two individual concentric flue systems were connected to two ACV Heatmaster water heaters and travelled outside, terminating with a horizontal terminal. The terminations of each boiler were installed compliant with the required minimum distance of 600mm.

Four individual concentric flue systems were connected to 4 ACV Prestige 120 condensing boilers. The flue then rises to terminate approximately 500mm above roof level while maintain a minimum distance of 600mm between each flue.

All chimney and flue products were supplied and installed compliant with European and regional standards.