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Grove Mechanical Services Ltd


Condensing Boilers

Project manager:

Brian Fitzsimmons

Project Brief

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is a department within the government that collects tax.

At the Belfast location in Carne House John J Doyle Ltd were contracted by Grove Mechanical Services Ltd. This was to design and do the calculations for the installation of a flue system for 2 x Elco Exocond condensing boilers.

All works were completed on time for the boilers to be commissioned.

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  • HMRC Carne House Gallery Image
  • HMRC Carne House Gallery Image
  • HMRC Carne House Gallery Image
Materials Used

Dinak DWJ Twin Wall 200ø

Dinak DWJ Twin Wall 250ø


Dinak DWJ stainless steel 200mm flue rises off the back of each boiler and connects into a 250mm header system. The header travels horizontally at high level within the plant room before exiting outside. Once outside the flue turns to rise vertically, clipped to the exterior of the chimney stack, for approximately 10m to termination. The system is completed with an open terminal with mesh complying with all regulations.

All flue calculations and design done inhouse.

All stock materials supplied from our warehouse.