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MT750 Air Purifier

£2,950.00 (Exc. VAT)
  • Product description

    The MT750 comes with the ability to sanitise 750cu.m/hr, with three 75W Philips Signify lamps.

    Safety features

    • Fault lamp and audible alarm for lamp failure, fan failure, high temperature.
    • Tested for safe operation by NHS radiological protection department.
    • Conservatively designed to ensure specification figures are attained between maintenance servicing.
    • Power disconnect interlock for maintenance.
    • Fail safe operation.

    Special features

    • Self-Sanitising Pre-filter
    • Fault indication
    • Variable flow control
    • Annual service pack offered
    • Available with front swivel castors for increased mobility

    Min Speed Setting

    • Airflow capacity: 350m3/h
    • Noise level: 43dB
    • Power consumption: 0.325 kW
    • Single pass deactivation rate*: 99.999%

    Normal Speed Setting

    • Airflow capacity: 500m3/h
    • Noise level: 48dB
    • Power consumption: 0.350 kW
    • Single pass deactivation rate*: 99.9%

    Max Speed Setting

    • Airflow capacity: 750m3/h
    • Noise level: 60dB
    • Power consumption: 0.400 kW
    • Single pass deactivation rate*: 99%
  • Product features




    3 x 75W Philips Signify


    990m x 425mm x 455mm (H,W,D)

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