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Surprise visit by MUM officially starts 60th birthday celebration for our MD – John Doyle

Posted On: 28th September 2023
Getting close to his 60th, our MD John Doyle was overjoyed and surprised by the visit of his MUM yesterday, as she reminded him with family & friends that his 60th birthday was just around the corner.🎂 🎈 🎉
The celebrations have officially started as we see John pictured with an amazing cake, family & friends from John J Doyle.🎂
Happy 60th Birthday John, from all of your team at John J Doyle. 😀 👏 🎂
This week, we want you to feel extra special and know you much are loved and appreciated by all of us.😍 😘 🎉 🎈 😜 🎂 💕