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Condensing Boiler

Project Manger:

John Woods

Project Brief

John J Doyle Ltd has been contracted by LM Services to annually inspect the chimney and flue systems throughout Northern Ireland to conduct inspections and provide recommendations on the conditions.

Prior to the start of the school year, St Kieran’s Primary School in Poleglass was removing the existing gas fired boilers and replacing them this condensing boilers. John J Doyle Ltd was contracted to complete the flue system for the new boilers.

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Materials Used

Dinak DWJ 300Ø
Centroherm 110Ø and 250Ø


During an initial survey, John J Doyle Ltd found two Selkirk SM flue systems connected to two existing gas fired boilers. The existing Selkirk SM flues then raised from the boilers into two Selkirk chimney systems, exiting the boiler house roof.

John J Doyle Ltd consulted with LM Services and recommended a Dinak DWJ and Centrotherm system to serve the new condensing boilers.

The existing boilers were replaced with six Worcester Bosch Buderus frame mounted condensing boilers. A new 110Ø Centrotherm flue was installed into each of the boilers. The 110Ø system then connected into two 250 I/D Centrotherm flue header systems complete with end drains and siphons.

The Centrotherm header system then run with a 3° fall to avoid a build up of condensation and connects into one main 300I/D Dinak DWJ 316/30/204 main header and external chimney system to a height of one metre above roof level.

All chimney and flue products were supplied and installed compliant with European and regional standards.