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NI Water Generator Flue

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Project Brief

John J Doyle Ltd was contacted by AC Automation to complete a new flue system for a generator at NI Water in Castlederg, Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Water is a government-owned company set up in April 2007 providing water and sewage services in Northern Ireland. NI Water supplies 560 million litres of clean water a day for almost 1.8 million people. In addition, NI Water treats 320 million litres of wastewater a day.

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  • NI Water Generator Flue Gallery Image
  • NI Water Generator Flue Gallery Image
  • NI Water Generator Flue Gallery Image
  • NI Water Generator Flue Gallery Image
  • NI Water Generator Flue Gallery Image
Materials Used

Dinak GE50+ 400Ø


AC Automation contacted John J Doyle Ltd to visit the NI Water Castlederg site. On site, it was discovered the existing fully welded mild steel flue serving the generator was in very poor condition. AC Automation contracted John J Doyle Ltd to design, supply and install a flue system suitable for the existing generator.

The existing mild steel fully welded pipe travelled internally throughout the building and would require extensive building work to remove. John J Doyle Ltd decided the existing system would be left in situ, capped off and support brackets would be welded at the bottom to support the overall weight.

Generator flue systems require special considerations including high flue gas temperatures (450°-600°C), low levels of corrosion, high over-pressured conditions (5,000 Pa) and have no risk of soot fire. Therefore the chimney systems for power generators require very good tightness, steel grade over AISI 304/316L, double-wall insulated flue, flange connection and to avoid thermal expansion.

After internal in-house calculations were completed, Dinak GE50+ flue was selected as it is specially designed for the evacuation of combustion products produced by power generators.

The new GE50+ flue was rerouted externally to the building to 50mm insulation to keep touch temperatures to a minimum. The flue then rose externally with specialised fixings to the cladding facet to terminate at a high level. Guy wires were installed to reinforce the support of the final lengths at roof level.

All chimney and flue products were supplied and installed CE Marked and compliant with European and regional standards.