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Lanyon Place Railway Station

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Lanyon Place Railway Station


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Project Manager:

Kyle Moore

Project Brief

In February 2018 Translink announced a that Belfast Central Station would undergo refurbishment and be renamed “Lanyon Place Railway Station.”

The project includes the redesign of the entrance hall, East Bridge Street façade and ticket hall with additional retail and dining facilities to be added.  John J Doyle Ltd was subcontracted by Victoria Mechanical Services to complete a new complete flue and chimney installation in conjunction with the refurbishment works.

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Materials Used

Centrotherm 100 Ø
Dinak SW 250 Ø
Dinak DW 250 Ø


John J Doyle Ltd completed the project at the New formed Lanyon Place railway station in four days.

First the existing flue systems was dismantled and removed from site. Then the new Centrotherm Plastic Header system was to rise off each boiler in a back to back arrangement. The plastic header system was then to convert to a Dinak Stainless Steel flue system to run throughout the boiler house at high level. The flue then turned to rise through boiler house roof to foyer level. Due to the restrictions on the flue and space requirements, the flue then had to be boxed in throughout the foyer.

Dinak flue travelled throughout foyer above roof tiles at a tight angle, while maintaining a 3 Degree fall as per condensing boilers regulations.

Finally, the flue was to terminate at roof level with by complying with clean air act regulations, but also trying not to damage the aesthetic look of the front of the new build.

All chimney and flue products were supplied and installed compliant with European and regional standards.