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Europa Bus Station | Translink

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Europa Bus Station | Translink


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2x Rehema 320 Ace boilers

Project Manager

Brian Fitzsimmons

Project Brief

The Europa Buscentre is the city’s most centrally located transport hub with clean, modern facilities including shops, information desk and adjoining bijou shopping mall with small selection of coffee shops.

Buses serve the South and West, including Dublin, Derry and Belfast City and International airports. National Express buses from GB and Continental Europe also terminate here. The adjoining Great Victoria Street Rail Station connects to Dublin and beyond.

John J Doyle were asked to design and do the calculations for the installation of the flue systems for 2 x Rehema 320 Ace boilers. We also liaised with the sub-contractors and Translink to provide advice on the steel structure. All flue works were completed on time for the boiler to be commissioned.


  • Europa Bus Station | Translink Gallery Image
  • Europa Bus Station | Translink Gallery Image
  • Europa Bus Station | Translink Gallery Image
Materials Used
  • Dinak DWJ Twin Wall 250ø

Dinak DWJ stainless steel 250mm flues rise off the back of each boiler and travels at high level within the boiler house to exit to outside. Once outside both flues rise side by side up the outside of the multi-storey car park – clipped to a new steel structure. Both flues terminate approx. 3m above the carpark and are completed with open terminals with mesh, complying with all regulations.

Flue calculations and design done inhouse.

Stock materials from the warehouse.