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Avoniel Leisure Centre

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Avoniel Leisure Centre


Public Sector


Dowds Group


Condensing boilers and heaters

Project Manager:

Alan Todd

Project Brief

Dowds Group awarded John J Doyle the contract to design , supply and install two complete flues systems. One system to serve the new wall hung boilers and the other to serve the new wall hung water heaters. With both boiler and water heaters being condensing high efficiency units.  John J Doyle supplied a full technical submittal for the project that included, sizing calculations to current codes and guidelines codes, full project literature including warranties and working drawings.

Once fully approved a project time line was agreed with the installation to be carried out during one site visit.

Avoniel leisure centre operates under the consumer facing ‘Better’ brand which currently has 258 public sports and leisure facilities around the United Kingdom. Founded in 1993 these facilities welcome 46 million visitors a year and hold ore than 650,000 members.

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  • Avoniel Leisure Centre Gallery Image
  • Avoniel Leisure Centre Gallery Image
  • Avoniel Leisure Centre Gallery Image
  • Avoniel Leisure Centre Gallery Image
Materials Used

Centrotherm Plastic

Dinak Twin Wall


The result was two systems incorporating both PP plastic flue and traditional twin wall stainless steel. Centrotherm PP systems rises from each new boiler and water heater complete with non-return valve to high level, offsets to connect into the side of the main Centrotherm header system.

The header travels through the plantroom at high level with a 3 degree fall to allow for the removal of condensate. Before the systems exit the plantroom they convert to Dinak DWJ twin wall. The Dinak system has a 316L stainless steel inner liner , with 30mm insulation and an outer wall of 304L stainless steel this comes with a manufactures warranty of ten years.

The Dinak DWJ twin wall systems exit the plantroom wall and turn to rise vertically via 93 degree base tee with drain points. The flues rise clipped to the building and offset at roof level and then the flues terminate with open terminal ends to help aid the dispersal of the flue gases.