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Consultants Corner by John J Doyle

Posted On: 20th February 2023
‘Consultants Corner’ by John J Doyle 🔍 
Since 1928, John J Doyle has been the UK & Ireland’s chimney specialists and expert refractory engineers.
With a commitment to ensuring compliance to European Standards, we are creating a ‘Consultants Corner’ for 2023
We will be offering technical guidance, design, supply and installation for a variety of applications including biomass boilers, power generators, CHP, condensing oil and gas boilers, non-condensing oil and gas boilers, communal residential flue and self-supporting chimneys.
Our Chimney & Flue design and consultancy service is flexible to suit the needs of each different project. Below are just a few examples of work that we are regularly asked to undertake:
-Detailed CAD drawing service for architects and related services
-Chimney and flue safety tests
-Diagnostic tests when it’s not obvious why a flue isn’t working
-Flue mapping using GPR Surveys to determine where a flue runs within a
-Flue size and material specification service for builders and related services
-Installation and commissioning service
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