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Its official, 2023 Belfast Telegraph Business Award Winner

Posted On: 4th May 2023

Established in 1928, we will look back in 2028 and see this as one of the proudest moments in our history.

We started out in 1928 in refractory engineering, working in linen mills, shipyards, power stations, foundries, schools and sugar companies.

By 1990, mills and foundries had closed, and the business was going through tough times. A new partner was found, Spanish stainless steel chimney manufacturer Dinak, and within a few years John J Doyle had become their biggest customer in Europe and the family firm was saved.

Operations director Josephine McCole said: “We’re celebrating our 95 years in business. We’re a third-generation company and not only have we faced headwinds, we’ve gone through tornadoes and hurricanes; resilience is in our DNA.”

The judges said: “Despite suffering calamitous damage during the Troubles, the business continued to innovate and expand, finding new products, services and markets. John J Doyle epitomises visionary, determined, local family businesses.”


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