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Champions of the perfect Espresso

Posted On: 24th April 2023

Champions of the perfect Espresso team up with John J Doyle👏 

Millisle based company  38 Expresso recently asked us to design and install  specialist Flue systems for use in a high temperature roasting environment for two new Coffee Roasters.

Before we got to start the project, with passion and enthusiasm they described the science behind how they measure the weight of the espresso – not the volume. They believe that 38 grams of extracted coffee in an espresso combined with their brand standard dose weight and runtime guidelines will produce the perfect espresso.

An important part of the process is Roasting at high temperatures  and the phases involved to get to the end point- the temperature at which they stop the roast and immediately start the cooling process.

All in all,  not your standard Flue system install.