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CE Designation

One of the key features of the European Standard for metal chimneys (EN 1856) is a user-readable classification system that designates the features of the product. A label showing the classification must go with each flue component. Understanding the classification can make the job of selecting the right flue much easier and will allow you to compare different flues. It’s easy to use so long as you know the keys. CLICK HERE to see the diagram that unlocks the coded information.


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 The Code for Sustainable Homes – technical guide


Dinak CE Mark regulations

 The CE Mark is the symbol (obligatory since April 2005) that certifies that a stainless steel chimney is in accordance with the EN 1856-1 and EN 1856 -2. Some manufacturers claim to produce products in accordance with the EN 1856-1 & 2 but are not CE tested. As safety is paramount to the Dinak product range, they have obtained the CE mark by the highly respected TUV in Munich.