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H003DS | HETAS Dry Appliance Installer Course




Duration: 3 days

The industry leading solid fuel training course brought to you by HETAS.

This HETAS course is for candidates who have relevant experience including stove retailers, chimney sweeps and allied trades such as plumbing and heating installers.  A training certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course, enabling the candidate to apply for registration with HETAS on the competent person registration scheme for the installation of dry appliances.


Suitable for

Candidates with relevant experience in the construction industry, including allied trades such as plumbing and heating installers 


Assessment Method

Theory & Practical


Course Outcome & Certification

HETAS certificate



At least one of the following:

  • Demonstrable, appropriate previous work experience on dry stove installations.
  • OFTEC technician with scope of work categories 101,102 or 105e.
  • Registered Gas Safe operative with work categories CCN1 and HTR1.
  • Registered member of GOMCS, APICS or NACS.


Course Content

✔ Types of solid fuels & the factors affecting fuel selection
✔ Fuel Preparation, seasoning & storage requirements
✔ Appliance types, operating principles & appliance selection
✔ Principles of safe combustion of solid fuels
✔ Industry rules, regulations & standards
✔ Identifying & responding to unsafe situations 
✔ Regional variation of Building Regulations 
✔ The role of HETAS and its Competent Person Scheme
✔ Chimneys, flues & terminals
✔ Air supply & ventilation
✔ Operating principles of dry solid fuel appliances 
✔ Correct installation of hearths & fireplaces
✔ Dry appliance selection
✔ Commissioning & handover of dry appliances 
✔ Chimneys & connecting flue pipes
✔ Identification of faults & the correct use of terminals 
✔ Commisioning & handover of dry solid fuel appliances 
✔ Service & Maintenance of dry solid fuel appliances 


Opportunities for Progression

  • H004 - Wet Installer training & assessment
  • H006 - System Chimney training & assessment
  • H008 - Dry Pellet Stove training & assessment



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Your training centre will provide you with a list of documentation that you need to have with you when you arrive for your course. Not bringing the appropriate paperwork with you can jeopardise your attendance on the course and delay your future registration with HETAS.