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Our Team

A third-generation family business.

We are committed to employing the best people to deliver the high quality service our clients expect.

John Doyle Featured Image
John Doyle
Managing Director

John Doyle's Profile

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Michael Kinchella Featured Image
Michael Kinchella
ROI Sales & Contracts Manager

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Michael Dennison Featured Image
Michael Dennison
Business Development Manager

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Josephine McCole Featured Image
Josephine McCole
Operations Manager

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Stephen Donald Featured Image
Stephen Donald
Account Manager & Buyer

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Oonagh Williams Featured Image
Oonagh Williams

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Paula McCrum Featured Image
Paula McCrum

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Samantha Millar Featured Image
Samantha Millar
Office Admin

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Amy Guida Featured Image
Amy Guida
Marketing Executive

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Stephen Tripp Featured Image
Stephen Tripp
Domestic Contracts Consultant

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Mark Robinson Featured Image
Mark Robinson
Warehouse Manager

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