Room Ventilation



Each ventilation requirement has its own specific purpose but in general ventilation is provided for the health of the building structure and the health of the occupants.  With new builds getting ‘tighter’ and therefore less adventitious air entering through cracks and gaps in the building fabric it is essential that the correct amount of ventilation is installed in each area.

Ventilation is of paramount importance for combustion (i.e. the burning of carbon, such as gas, coal, wood or oil).  It is also vital for the efficient operation of flues, for compartment cooling and the prevention of over-heating.  Combustion appliances (i.e. boilers, water heaters, fires, stoves and cookers) have different ventilation criteria dependent upon the type, size and placement of the appliance and it’s important to accurately calculate specific venting requirements for each situation.  Inadequate ventilation can cause the build-up of carbon monoxide (CO) gas.  This poisonous gas has no smell or taste and can seriously affect the health of the building’s occupants, or even prove fatal.


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