Flexible chimney liner



John J Doyle Ltd supply a flexible twin-skinned stainless steel flue wall lining with a smooth inner wall. The system has been designed to upgrade existing chimneys which have failed, or for use where the performance is not adequate for modern conditions.

The liner that John J Doyle Ltd supplies is classified as a Class A flue liner and is suitable for gas, oil and multi-fuel, including wood burning appliance where the maximum flue gas temperature does not exceed 500C.

It is manufactured in two skins of either 316 grade (MF5) or 904 grade (MF18) austeniitic stainless steel, with a range of accessories and is available in 9 diameters from 125mm through to 400mm.

The product has been approved and tested to BS and EN1856-2-2004 and is manufactured under an ISO 9001:2000 Quality system.

These products are stocked at our warehouses and can either be collected or delivered to your premises.


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