Chimney fans

Dependent on your needs, John J Doyle stocks Exodraft and Draftbooster chimney fans.


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An Exodraft chimney fan gives you complete control over the chimney draught.   The fan control allows you to adjust the chimney draught to suit your needs, no matter the fuel of your fireplace, stove, or boiler.

Exodraft solutions are much more than just products and sytstems.  In close co-operation with Exodraft Technology Centres, we provide pre-sale analysis, system design and implementation recommendations.

Find all you need to know on the Exodraft website.


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Draftbooster installs easily on the chimney of your house. It ensures easy lighting of the fire and good combustion in closed wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts, creating ideal conditions, especially during initial operation, when the chimney draught may be limited.

A Draftbooster reduces any release of smoke into the room, when the stove door is open for refueling. With a Draftbooster you get the full benefit of your wood-burning stove.

Find all you need to know on the draftbooster website



                       Watch the video here                                                                         Download the brochure





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